Saturday, April 24, 2010


My mum tells me I am the first dog she's had that loves to chew and and chew and chew. Well isn't that what dogs do I tell you?! I'm good at going to the toilet and getting the toilet roll off the holder and chewing and riping the cardboard or rolling the paper around the house. That's fun... Then I pretend it wasn't me!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Landscape of Resilience

The big colourful panel wanted to go to the Crafternoon organised by the Brisbane City Council on Sunday at King George Square. I'm afraid it's not Melbourne or Sydney yet. Few people turned up to yarn bomb. The idea is to knit around the trees and any other cold and straight structure in the sea of granite that is our new city square.I placed the Landscape of Resilience over the granite and park benches. There was also a suitcase jumble sale in the square that was quite fun.

Conversations with Bailey and Me

I have 2 other blogs that I started to display my art practise. They really aren't for blogging so now Bailey and I are inspired to talk about our thoughts on art, playing, photography, knitting, chewing things and eating.I hope you enjoy hearing from us.